The World’s Best Reusable Suntan Lotion Applicator

Rubber Coated Sponge

The rubber coated sponge has a few holes that lotion passes through , to lubricate the sponge. The rubber coated sponge makes contact and spreads the lotion on the surface of the skin. When the sponge cap is closed, the lotion cannot escape and the sponge is protected from dirt and sand.

The Hand Spout

The hand spout applies lotion to the hands so that the user can spread lotion to other parts of the body. When the sponge cover clamp is closed and the hand spout is open, and the lotion bottle is squeezed, the hand spout produces lotion on to the hands.

 Lotion Applicator Thermometer

The lotion applicator attaches to the lotion bottle for lotion supply and transport convenience. A thermometer is attached to the applicator, so that the user will know the temperature of the weather.

U.S. Patent No.: US 8,882,379 B2